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we focus on innovation to building a website where world goes.


WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management system which allows to create beautiful and user friendly websites. Most of business agency and news portal prefer WordPress to create their website. 30% of websites are made by WordPress in the current world.

If you are looking for WordPress website, king it Itd is ready to create your website. We have many WordPress experts who can create any kind of website. We really respect client’s trust; we take the entire responsibility for our client satisfaction in the WordPress website development project.

Our team works with full awareness, and every team member works very intensively. Our experts of WordPress developer have years of experience in developing feature and efficient CMS websites for clients. We build the most efficient SEO-friendly websites for that matches your business standards.

Our WordPress development services

► Custom WordPress web/blog/CMS development

► E-commerce development

► Woocommerce development 

► WordPress plugin development & hosting on cloud

► Responsive WordPress development

► WordPress theme development

► WordPress theme customization

► WordPress website support and maintenance

► Open source CMS development.

Course Features

Total Duration90 Hours
Class Duration3 Hours
Skill levelHigh



Laravel is one of the most powerful PHP framework for building accurate and tenable code. Regarding the reliability, tenability of the code laravel has good foundation and great community support behind its PHP frameworks. Laravel make allowance for developers to accomplish unit testing as a feature built in to the framework itself. And it is as good as starting a business for. We provide best laravel service as well as our expertise and strategies.

Our service through laravel development is custom laravel web development, laravel customization and integration, laravel web application, laravel enterprise solution, E-commerce development. And relevant of laravel what we are offering as we have many expertise and laravel specialist.


PHP is the most popular programming language which is used to the most popular websites like WordPress, yahoo, Facebook, twitter. Are you looking for PHP programmers for your new or ongoing project? Our experts PHP developers can give you the best solutions. And works as expansion for your business. We always provide qualitative services regarding all the needs of the clients. Our developers skilled in Database design, SDLG and have huge experience in working with popular PHP frameworks. Like Zend, CI, YI, Codeignitor includes with open CMS Like WordPress, magneto, joomla, Drupal. And finally why you choose us is having a so many certified PHP developers, source code authorization, comprehensive reporting, security and IP protection, 24/7 technical support. Flexible hiring models.


Drupal is one of the most popular content management system among global enterprises, Governments, institutions. It also provides single website with multiple languages across many devices. Drupal powers beyond one million websites worldwide big enterprise like GE and Pfizer, and sites that experience extreme traffic bursts. Such as GRAMMY Awards and NBC Olympic. Drupal is an open source software and it’s free to download, and it’s maintained by many developers. The most popular trafficked websites using Drupal such as Whitehouse.gov, box.com, nbsports.com, and economist.com

We are Drupal experts therefore we provide best Drupal web content solutions. Our strategies include client’s demand and what makes their website more flexible and scalable.

Let’s look our experience on Drupal.

► Drupal technical consulting.

► Content strategy

► Site building and theming

► Drupal module development

► Drupal migration and upgrades

►  Drupal supports


Joomla is a free open source it has won several awards it’s an independently content management system that allows more powerful online application. The platform that is user friendly, multilingual, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized. Joomla is used over 1 million websites all over the world including design shapes and many exclusive feature. And it’s quite easy and maintainable to developers.

Why joomla is the most developed and powerful CMS?

► User management and powerful authentication management.

Easily manageable multilingual support

Polls and powerful integrated search

►  Syndication and news feed Management

Page caching Granular-level module caching, and GZIP page compression

Web service with remote procedure calls (via HTTP, and XML)

Runs on linux, Free BSD, MacOSX servers, Solaris, and AIX \

Lots of third party extensions and

modules available

JOOMLAPowerful extensibility

If you are looking for joomla development company, you have come to the right place, our experience in joomia development is quite good, to create a business website, news portals, social networking websites online communities, and alike as per the requirements of your business. Make a website with best customization and necessary tools for get success in online with our joomla experts

Our joomla development services

► Websites development

► Component development

►  Extension development

► Custom module development

► Plugin development

► Theme integration

►Joomla customization

To get more relevant service contact our specialist.


Magento is the best e-commerce platform that they’ve enhanced beyond the shopping cart for every shopable experience, including e-mail, mobile, in-store and more. And they offer powerful flexible feature, magento’s intuitive administration provides extendable marketing, search engine optimization and catalogue-management tools to rule the look, content and functionality of every e-commerce website.

Magento designed to be scalable, offering optimal performance, the provides backend and frontend to optimize the marketing and analytical technique to prosper administration option, all of these feature increase customer experience in shopping. Based on architecture with many of third-party extensions magento offers an incomparable degree of flexibility and option to third party web application.

Magento commerce also offers mobile application. Due to more online customers are using mobiles and tablets to browse and shop, whether they’re on the go or feel comforts of their home. Magento makes it easy to browse and customer can search easily and buy from their mobile.

In addition to that our magento developer are experienced with exactly what you need. the magento experts at king IT have worked on varied type of magento implementation including building a new site, traffic to an exciting site based on magento from another platform or even the update the magento version.

Our service include your brand based design, personal site development. We have experience in magento development with the help of certified magento developers in our team, who consistently work of the solution proposed. Our solutions are included current development strategies and the latest development tools for delivering the highest quality and reliability to clients.

Our magento development services

Magento web development

Custom Magento development

Complete automation of order processing

► Backend report customization

► Magento extension development

► Magento upgreads

► Magento expert advice

► Hire Magento developers

E-commerce Design and Development

Theme Design and integration

Configuration and deployments

Shopping cart development

Magento module customization

SEO and Digital marketing support

Promise IT  have experienced developers who can take any development project and provide the best service.


Node.js is an open source cross-platform java script run-time environment that executes java script code outside of a browser. As node.js is an open source that can be updated regularly. It provides immense module libraries which eliminate time that spent previously. Node.js application never buffer any data. Streaming of big files is possible with node.js

The application which is used node.js is extremely scalable due to asynchronous and event-driven processing. The event-driven architecture of Nodels is applicable for real time application, especially chat application and games. Using nodejs it is able to ensure the stability and functionality of the system. While the traffic is growing up.

Node.js for your application
  • Fast, scalable & real-time application development
  • Non-blocking, I/O model
  • Lightweight and Low-Level API
  • Agile-based methodology
  • Easy to update and reuse the code

Node js development is more prompt due to JavaScript usage. We can ensure that it is faster on the google.

Node is development services that we provide

► Node.js based server site development

► Node.js based web development

► Node.js E-commerce and shopping cart development

► Node.js API development

► Node.js integration

► Node.js based desktop application development

► Node.js plug-in development

Node.js product support and maintenance

Out developers are known for providing the best node.js services that help to grow your business at the highest level. Our node.js expert’s assurance will be able to give you a long-term partnership that is reflected in fullcycle. Our nodejs developers provide exceptional development services.


Django is a python based free and open-source web framework which follows the model view-template architecture pattern. It is maintained by Django’s software foundation.

Django’s elementary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven website. The Django emphasizes reusability and pluggability of components, less code, low coupling, and rapid development. Specially it’s the principle that doesn’t repeat yourself

Django also provides an optional administrative create, read, update, and delete interface that is generated dynamically through introspection, and configured via admin models. Most of popular website used Django such as Instagram, Mozilla, the Washington times, Disqus, public broadcasting service, and Pinterest.

We are experts in Django.

Our core expertness is custom development using python with Django. It’s not a part of What we do, it’s all we do, as we have a such depth environment, applications, plug-ins and parallel technologies that we can immediately drop in to a project and start helping.

If you have an existing Django project or are considering an it for an upcoming project visit to us (king it), our specialist will let you realize their service.


Codeigniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework for us in building dynamic website with PHP.

Codeigniter is most often noted for its speed compared to other PHP framework. It’s a powerful framework for develop an e-commerce website. And it is built specially for PHP coders for creating a full featured website. Either it is a personal website or business website. Moreover, if you want a framework with a small footprint then you must hire a codeigniter developers for your business.

Why does your business gain with codeigniter development service?

► Form and data validation

► Support for active record database .

► Collection of libraries

►Zero configuration

► Great documentation

► Powerful theme engine

► Easily customizable

► Ignores the use of command file

What our codeigniter developer provide service.

► Codeigniter web development

► Codeigniter migration

► Codeigniter customization

► Codeigniter website application development

► PSD to codeignite