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Our Industrial Attachment 2019


Why need Attachment?


The Industrial Attachment Program will give student who are looking to a satisfying career in a company or an industry with a good learning opportunity. This system will permit you to pick up bits of knowledge into the common aeronautics industry under the mentorship and direction of our professionals.
Basically the system is more suitable or course is designed for the Diploma Industrial Attachment.

Chosen student who join on the system will have the capacity to tackle fluctuated assignments or ventures in one of our divisions. They will likewise pick up hands-on information and involvement in a wide range of common flying matters. Be set up to be amidst a dynamic and quick paced working environment.
So the Diploma Industrial Training is specially needed for your developing career.

Web App Development in ASP.NET for application development of large scale.


  • C# Basic
  • Advance C# (OOP, Collection)
  • ASP.NET Web Form
  • Front End: HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Complete Projects:
    1. Web Form.
  • Tools:
    1. Visual Studio 2013.
    2. Microsoft SQL Server 2014.


Course Duration: Three Month.

Web site development with HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP & MySql, JavaScript, XML, and others.


HTML Basic, XHTML, HTML Tags, HTML 5 Tags & Use.

Primary CSS, Advanced CSS

PHP3, PHP5 to upper

Web Database Basic, Database Driven Programming

Primary JavaScript, Animation, Jquery, Form Validation

Photoshop Design, Flash Animation

Information Set, XInclude, User Authentication Control, PHP & MySql Authentication Script, Authentication control with user type, Medium sized database and JavaScript Validation

Joomla, Advance WordPress, Drupal

Profile Creation on Upwork, Bit to Getting a work from Upwork

Project-01 (Full Static) & Web page design using WordPress
Project-02 (Dynamic with Full Access Control)


Course Duration: 150 (Hours)

Web based Software development includes advanced features like CMS, Advanced User Control System, Server Side Security System.


  • PHP
  • Oracle Database
  • Create Content Management System
  • Eye Caching Theme
  • Security Control for Web Server
  • Report with PDF


Course Duration: 90 (Hours)

Web site development with Html, CSS, ASP, PHP & MySql, JavaScript, XML, and others.

Html Basic, Html Tags, Html 5 Tags & Use.

Primary CSS, Advanced CSS

PHP3, PHP5 to upper

Web Database Basic, Database Driven Programming

Primary JavaScript, Animation, Jquery, Form Validation

Information Set, XInclude

User Authentication Control
PHP & MySql Authentication Script, Authentication control with user type

Joomla, Drupal

Project1 (Full Static), Project2 (Medium sized database and JavaScript Validation), Project3 (Dynamic with Full Access Control)

Internship in real project of 3 months.


Course Duration: 150 (Hours)

  • Linux Basic
  • Linux Installation
  • Linux Packages and Services
  • Server Configuration
  • Network Cabling and Linux server client system configure
  • Server Side Authentication


Course Duration: 84 (Hours)

  • Linux Packages & Services Management
  • Linux System Management
  • Hard Disk Management from Expert Mode
  • Enterprise Domain Name System Configuration and Administration
  • Enterprise Web Administration
  • Enterprise e-mail System
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Bandwidth Control Through CBQ
    • Bandwidth Control Through HTB
    • Linux Kernel Bridge Mode Configuration
    • Linux Kernel Routing Mode Configuration
  • Enterprise Security Management/Admin
    • Security with TCP Wrappers
    • Details about Iptables (NAT, SNAT, DNAT, PREROUTE, POSTROUTE & OTHERS)
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Enterprise VPN Solution
  • Linux Network Monitoring System
  • Linux System Administration Using Webmin
  • Concept about Linux Scripting
  • Advanced Linux Performance Tuning
    • Learn about the tools and methods used to resolve problems and enhance performance on Linux systems, including how to monitor the kernel, filesystems, and the factors that influence network performance.


Course Duration: 80 (Hours)

Windows server means the server side operating system of windows platform. Windows 2000/ Windows 2003/ Windows 2008.

  • Network Cabling
  • Server Configure
  • Client Configure
  • Router and Gateway Setup
  • Internet Access
  • Remote Server setup
  • Remote PC Control


Course Duration: 60 (Hours)

Hardware networking includes cabling, router and gateway setup, LAN, Homegroup, workgroup configure, LAN Management, Switching.


  • Cabling
  • Router configure
  • Gateway configure
  • LAN Design
  • Group Configure
  • LAN management
  • Switching


Course Duration: 84 (Hours)

  • Java Basic
  • OOP with Java
  • Database Oracle
  • Database driven Application
  • Java Application with Access Control
  • JSP, Servlet
  • Web Application with Java
  • Report with PDF


Course Duration: 150 (Hours)

  • Database Administration on Oracle 9i or 10g or 11g
    • SQL
    • Install, create and administration the Oracle Database.
    • Configure the database for an Application
    • Basic Monitoring and Performance Tuning and
    • o Implement a Backup & Recovery Strategy


Course Duration: 80 (Hours)

Content Management System for Web Development. It is included with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress.


  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WordPress


Course Duration: 32 (Hours)

  • C
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • SQL


Course Duration: 72 (Hours)

  • Internetworking Basic, OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Model, IP Classes and IP Subnetting [IPv4].
  • VLSM[Variable Length Subnet Masks]; Router IOS, Bringing up a Router, Overview of Router Modes, Setting/Recovery Password, Router Interfaces, Saving Configuration.
  • Routing Basics, Routing Protocols [RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF].
  • Switching Concept, Basic Configuration, VLAN (Virtual Local area Network), Iner VLAN Routing, Spanning Tree Protocol.
  • Security, ACL (Access Control List).
  • NAT (Network Address Translation).
  • Managing a Cisco Internetwork.
  • IPv6, Cisco wireless Technologies.
  • WAN (Wide area Networks).


Course Duration: 84 (Hours)