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With a very small scope based on bold steps and encouragement of founder Masud Alam  took initiatives to establish itself as an educative and vocational service-oriented institute to meet the increasing demands of skilled human resources of Bangladesh in 2013 .At Present’ ‘Promise It Solutions Ltd” “a team of fully qualified professionals in the field of IT education including foreign language learning.


We are non conventional IT institute which aims to expand globally by generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables much people specially youth of us to have a better career, understanding of the outside world and to improve the condition for local and global communities.


Promise IT Solutions  Limited lifelong vision is to deliver a caliber education and most prestigious services to the people all over the globe so that much people can enlighten themselves with the pure test of IT. We love to be the unique player of this Arena.

Message from chairman

Hinging upon a modernism-prone synthesis of concept of digitalization and concept of multi-cultural diversity Global has long been nurturing its vision of transforming the human beings into resources and mobilizing those human resources towards the development of Bangladesh keeping pace with the new liberal market of economy. So, from the very inception (2013) Global started its visionary journey focusing on two enlightened approaches—developing human resources through IT and making them able to get accustomed to the new foreign environments through languages. With a view to accommodating those languages and IT trainings to the increasing demands of the learners of different classes Global has so far been able to set up such a platform as to transform tactless and unskilled human resources into the smartest ones having the capabilities of coping with any new challenging environment.

So, I do expect always a helping hand to be extended by our enlightened well-wishers from every corner of the world in implementing our noble goal set on the developing principles of globalization.